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What is the best price for Tens Care : Flexiswing

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Price Posted£174.49
Date Posted09/02/2013
Product CodeB000QG79IE
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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7752 in Baby Product
  • Brand: TENScare

Product Description

Relieve the pain and treat the cause with TensCare's Flexiswing, an interferential unit for greater relief, more flexibility, and long-term benefits.

The Flexiswing Ultima IF4160 is an interferential (IFT) unit which uses advanced electrotherapy technology to treat pain and reduce inflammation. IFT is related to the pain-relieving electrotherapy TENS but, unlike the latter, uses a higher frequency to send the electrical signals deep into the tissue. These therapeutic pulses directly target and treat the cause of the pain, reducing inflammation and swelling in the tissue and joint. By doing so, the associated pain is relieved and flexibility greatly improved.

IFT has long been used by physiotherapists to treat deep-tissue conditions, and the IF4160 enables patients to enjoy the benefits of this high-level, professional treatment in the comfort of their own home. This is a sophisticated unit that has been developed to be easy to use, portable and highly effective. The Flexiswing can be clipped to a belt or waistband and runs on a rechargeable battery, allowing the user to move around and leave the house without interrupting treatment sessions.

Interferential technology is drug-free, harmless, and has no side effects. Despite targeting the deep tissue, it is non-invasive and complements other pain relief treatment. It is ideal to use post-surgery, as not only will it treat the associated pain, but it will actually speed up the healing process.

The Flexiswing uses simple controls and a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen for minimum effort and maximum results. It can be used with either two or four pads, and has six pre-set programmes, with the option to manually alter the frequency of four of these. The power supply is a rechargeable, integral battery which takes 8 hours to fully charge. It is therefore ideal to use during the day and recharge overnight.

The Ultima IF4160 was originally developed for use by golfers who had developed muscle strain. Ian Howieson, professional at the RAC and senior tutor at the PGA Training Academy, says "The Flexiswing allows golfers to move more freely and improve their swing. Many of my pupils have benefited significantly". Since then it has also been trialled by skiers and footballers, most of whom have experienced greater flexibility and a considerable reduction in pain during and after using the unit. As a result, Ultima IF4160 is particularly recommended for sports-related injuries and strains.

Patients should not use the Flexiswing if they have a heart pacemaker fitted, suffer from epilepsy, or are pregnant. It is also important not to use it on undiagnosed pain. Do not place the pads over the eyes, the carotid arteries, to the side of the neck, cross cranially (from side to side of the head), over or around the heart or from front to back of the chest.

Treat the cause, not just the symptom, with the Flexiswing Ultima IF4160.

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